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Hamdales, we engage in procurement of equipment and supply of services to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. We are constantly building up our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnerships to ensure we provide the latest and most cost-effective solutions to our clients. Procurement of equipment is a concern for our clients and we are always available to take charge of and ease these concerns. We engage OEMs and are always eager to introduce new technology to our clients. We do not compromise on quality and we only look forward to the satisfaction of our clients where they will always note that, with Hamdales, reliability is guaranteed.


At Hamdales, we offer Consultancy Services in the supply of manpower to aid our clients operations. We are building a pool of well trained personnel from artisans to professionals. These personnel undergo continuous classroom and on- the- field training to stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective industries. We do not provide manpower without first understanding the exact needs of our clients. The needs are matched against the expertise of these personnel and a perfect fit is identified. Our clients have remained satisfied over time.


At Hamdales, we identify logistics as the means to achieving effective operations. A well implemented Logistics Operation ensures perfect service delivery to our clients. We provide transportation of goods and personnel by road, air and sea. We have managed our operations to an extent where we have reduced to the barest minimum possibilities of breakdowns and where such occurs, we have credible backup from our fleet. We also partner with other logistics companies to ensure we have more options in ensuring our client satisfaction.


At Hamdales, we have taken the initiative to support food production in Nigeria. We see the sustainability of the country and ability to provide her own food as a major step towards the growth of the economy. We have a 20-acre farm located in Kobape Village, Ogun State. Currently we have eighteen (18) workers with farm production in Maize, Cassava and palm plantations. We are not stopping at growing of food crops as we have future plans to become a major supplier of processed, packed and ready to ‘munch’ food in Nigeria.